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Buffalo Mack had a baby! Enter for your chance to name the beautiful new hog that will predict Buffalo weather for thousands of winters to come!

Buffalo Mack needs your help in naming her brand new baby!

The Inner Circle was...clueless. They had no idea that Buffalo Mack was a lady, nor did they realize she was pregnant with hog. She needs your help in naming the new groundhog.

This isn't your average groundhog birth and naming contest. This new groundhog is heir to the prognosticating throne! And on January 27, 2018 our new furry friend will be the first ever actual groundhog to predict the weather in the city of Buffalo!

Enter your name to get a chance to name this future Buffalo-famous hog and win a free ticket to Groundhog Day, for the rest of your life!

Buffalo Groundhog Day

Buffalo Groundhog Day is non-profit organization aimed at helping the animals of WNY and ensuring the people of Buffalo enjoys at least one winter afternoon.


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